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    To make it simple, a new alternative band are seeking a vocalist/guitarist. We're into anything from At The Drive-In to Bloc Party. Looking to put on a great live show. Aged between 16-20. Must be keen to at least help with writing if not commandeer it. All members are experienced and have own gear.

    Will be getting a city centre practise space, and hope to be gigging in some smaller gigs by the end of Summer.

    Grab me on greggreid@live.co.uk or on 07767697946

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    Added you on msn (Y)
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    well greg. im a vocalist and guitar player. i'm going to show you my old band's website in fear of scaring the balls of ye with the shite recording, but ah well


    listen to the voice, and thier my own songs
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    hey im a rythm guitarist and have been playing 5 years now, and ive been doing vocals for one, but ive also got an amazing vocalist who is a friend of mine, who would also be up for playing with you guys, pm me if your interested and we will be glad to audition, THanks
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    bump; changed ad.
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    bump, please be a bassist.
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    bumppity bump
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    Bump! First practise has been booked with a vocalist, if you wanna take the next email me! We'll have 2 weeks without him to that's your window of opportunity!
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    Hey I'm a guitarist and I sing a bit aswell if it's any good to you. I'm 19 aswell just so you know