1. avatar Doppler
    My first post!
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  2. avatar anty2
    Is that a tribute asat? Or an earlier 90s model. Either way im very interested in it. Away to Dublin to see Wolf Parade tonight so wont have internet access until friday afternoon/evening.

    Any faults or anything with it?
  3. avatar reallybigmcc
    how old is the marshall?
  4. avatar Doppler
    Anty, I'm not sure. I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. It's not marked as a Tribute anywhere that I can see, and it's post-2000. That's all I know. There are no faults at all with it, and it has a 4 way selector switch fitted.

    Reallybigmcc,the Marshall's 2006. She's got a chunk of wood out of the enclosure (it was a drummer-related injury), but She still plays as normal.
  5. avatar Cugel
    The ASAT is a Tribute but with the newer style logo. It was bought from Bairds in March 2007 but was manufactured no later than 2006. 250 is a bargain for this guitar.
  6. avatar thesacredhearts
    Im almost tempted to buy at that price even though i only bought one new about 4 months ago. Really great guitars.
  7. avatar Doppler
    Cheers John. I can never remember all the details about my stuff. Take heed people, this is what happens when u have 22 guitars!
  8. avatar compositecomposure