1. avatar richpause
    hi all,

    this is a call out to see what musicians would be interested in getting involved in a kind of collaborative song.

    i'm working on a project dealing with online social networking and would like to get various musicians to record video or possibly audio of themselves performing an instrument or vocal based on a guitar loop that i will send.

    the instrument or vocal can be played and recorded using whatever software/hardware you have available to you and doesn't need to be high quality. what i would ask would be for you to then upload the video or send me your mp3. it would then be used to create a website which will contain all the clips, allowing people to view/play/mix all instruments together as they wish.

    the perfect way to understand what i am trying to do is to check out [url=http://inbflat.net][b:ed06219d4a][u:ed06219d4a]'in B flat'[/u:ed06219d4a][/b:ed06219d4a][/url]. This is the inspiration for the idea, but i'd like to try my own version with northern irish musicians and will create my own interactive interface.

    if you are interested please give me an email at the address below ASAP as I would ideally need the clips within 2 weeks. I can then give you more info and a link to the initial track.

    thanks all!

    contact [@] heliopause.co.uk
  2. avatar richpause
    thanks for all the interest so far!
    i think i'll keep this to an audio project rather than video but i'll be emailing everyone by monday with the initial audio track and info :)