1. avatar beemicksee
    Has anyone been at the Front Page for a gig or to do sound recently? If you were there to do sound was everything working ok? And if you were there for a gig how did it sound?

    I'm just curious because I was asked to do sound for a touring band in June and the last time I was there, albeit over a year ago, and I remember not being able to get the bass bins working.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    There was a thread on here a week or 2 ago complaining about the gear being in a terrible state if i remember correctly?
  3. avatar The Stav
    Yeah I've done the sound there for a couple of gigs I was running recently.

    The PA set up is atrocious at the moment, although I've been told that a much needed revamp is in the pipeline. God help anyone who goes in cold to do the sound in the joint- cables hanging from the ceiling, half the speakers not working, all the power amps, effects etc. are kept upstairs and even the soundman isn't allowed up there.

    As well as that, after all these years he still doesn't provide a desk- you have to bring your own, and if that means hiring one then tough.

    Also there's only one monitor hanging precariously off the wall, which feeds back at really low levels.

    I've raised all these issues with the guv'nor, who says he's prepared to spend a few quid on fixing things up. I really hope he does, as the Front Page is probably one of the most under-rated venues in town. At least, it has the potential to be one of the best.
  4. avatar salfhal
    The place is a shithole.

    Serveral of the bins don't work.
    Most of the lighting is broken.
    There is a lack of power supply.
    The PAs are in a room that you aren't allowed in, and aren't turned on until 5mins before doors open.

    Stay well away, it used to be half decent too. Now shite. Also the young barman (not the polish one) is a wanker.
  5. avatar beemicksee
    duly noted
  6. avatar Danny Lynch
    used to be a decent place and the beard did the best with what he had. Yeah, I've heard too that theres some new equipment going to be bought and some investment, and I really hope it comes about. The place could be on a par with Auntie Annies (a lot of people wont like that, but its similar size wise etc...upstairs only that is) but just needs some attention and somebody who knows what theyre doing.