1. avatar sketchy
    Sketchy would like to invite everyone along to celebrate the launch of Belsonic 2010.

    Come along THIS THURSDAY (May 20th) to The Stiff Kitten (1 Bankmore Square, Belfast) from 8pm to be among the first to hear what we have in store this year! All are welcome!!

    Entry is FREE between 8pm - 9pm, we will be offering a FREE DRINK to all punters, and you will be treated to an exclusive announcement on the first wave of headliners for 2010s Belsonic!

    Live entertainment will be provided by Icelandic pop geniuses FM BELFAST. All punters will be welcome to stay on for We Are Party madness from SKETCHY right through the night for no charge.

  2. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    TONIGHT! :)
  3. avatar 10rapid
  4. avatar the_doctor199

    Biffy Clyro + Lost Prophets, Soulwax + 2manydjs, David Guetta, Paul Wellar + The Courteeners.
  5. avatar blonderedhead
  6. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:82f6035643="blonderedhead"]:([/quote:82f6035643]Be fair, getting Biffy Clyro is a coup and will be a really big draw for lots of people. (Not me though.)

    Likewise Soulwax and Paul Weller. And probably somebody somewhere is a fan of the Courteeners.

    I think I was spoiled by the 2008 Belsonic, where two out of the three days were very close matches for my own tastes, and fuck me, the Flaming Lips. Last year there was nothing for me, and it looks like this year is the same. So, yes, I'm disappointed, particularly because the staging and running of the festival are pretty much faultless. (And you don't have to sleep in a field.) (Although I'm sure you could if you wanted.)

    So, "Yayyy! Well done Belsonic. Maybe see you next year."