1. avatar cornett-jude
    Hi there,

    I am looking for a Cellist/ perhaps violinist to add more dynamics to my current set and give the material the backing it needs when playing live... To do it justice, really.

    The set up for gigs is currently myself singing and playing small percussion instruments with a second guy accompanying me on guitar... And while this is working, we both feel we could add a lot more to the music by bringing in some more musicians... We are curently talking over possible bassists/drummers to bring on board also.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. If you think you might be interested, or would know of someone who might be you can listen to a couple of my songs on my website: www.judecornett.com

    Look forward to hearing form you!
    Jude x
  2. avatar russell
    [quote:84c2aa28a4="cornett-jude"]a second guy[/quote:84c2aa28a4]
    Who's the first guy... wait, are the rumours true?!

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118109241533515]facebook group[/url]
    [url=http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113361132027257]Gig on Friday @ Common Grounds[/url]

    We think a cellist would suit the dark sound we're going for. There will be recording and gigging opportunities for the group. As mentioned, we're looking for other members so if you like what you hear, let us know what you can bring to the group. Especially interested in double bass / electric bass, percussion / drums and electronic/synth players (if we take a more electronic sound out live).

    Please contact me via the website below, if you're interested or want to know more.


    edit: fixing links, lists are broken
  3. avatar cornett-jude
    ... Ok then, the second person is a guy, I am not a guy, I am a girl, even when I pull my tights up in a suspicious fashion!! That ok?!?! :D

    And also, well said with the above... What can I say, my red wine goggles did let me down!...
  4. avatar Estrella Ojos
    you might try emailing the Belfast Youth Orchestra at Belfast School of Music. I emailed the conductor when I released my first album & had some folks from there record with me. They're usually pretty good about forwarding the email around to members. :)