1. avatar rentaghost
    WAR HOLE (acoustic)
    The mighty WAR HOLE make a triumphant return to Common Grounds. I demand a DIO cover. Steven Rainey we salute you.

    Expect a laid back acoustic performance of original songs with one or two covers thrown in If you haven't heard Jude, check out http://www.judecornett.com/ where you can hear a few of her songs.


    Music at 8pm
    Donations to Oasis Village Trust
  2. avatar rentaghost
    Now with added WAR HOLE
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Move 'em on, head 'em out, head 'em out, move 'em on!

    I demand chaps! Or at least a neckerchief or two
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    I know you can't drink in CG, but is there any chance of getting some heroin laid on just for this showcase event?