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    For my Impact 60w, been a long process, I find the Vintage 30s a little dark for the amp and want something a bit brighter and responsive.

    I prefer the look of the fender, but the Blackstar looks like a serious contender
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    I know nothing about amps / cabs, but surely the handle on the Blackstar would make the head on top of it a bit wonky / unstable?
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    The Fender, of course. Look at it.
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    In the true spirit of fastfude, I answer a different question with a more expensive alternative: Engl 2x10
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    I'm probably just going to confuse matters more, but those cabs both have speakers built for 160 watts, and your amp is only rated 60. For the best tone, you need to get the speaker ratings down close to the actual power they'll be handling - like 4 X 25W greenbacks for a 100W Marshall, or 2x15W blues for an AC30. It's absolutely normal to push a decent guitar speaker: it adds speaker break-up into the sound of your rig, which is one of the magic ingredients.

    A lot of people swear by unmatched speakers too, like a greenback and a V30 together, to stir things up a bit. Some also like to use two speakers in a 4x12 cab.

    I wouldn't just go and buy online if you can help it. This is going to be such a big element of your sound that you really need to hear a few variants first so you know what you're really after. If you can't find the combo you like, you can always buy an empty cabinet and add your own speakers.
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    Well this is precisely the fucking problem isn't it. The 4 main music shops in Belfast stock a total of 3 2x12 cabs. That 3 in total of 2 different makes. Blackstar and marshall.

    How do I try all these wonderful options you speak of with anything approaching convenience?

    I get your point about the wattage though, even less choice of 2x12"s under the 120w mark though
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    Also at 16ohm stereo load it's 2x 80w output rather than the full 160w.

    That's kind of what I want
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    [quote:04545d46a1="tinpot anto"]Also at 16ohm stereo load it's 2x 80w output rather than the full 160w.

    That's kind of what I want[/quote:04545d46a1]I don't understand. You have an antique valve amp with one speaker output that wants a certain impedance, either 8 or 16 ohms, yes?
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    Aha but this amp has an ultra futuristical resistance switch! 7.5 or 15.2 ohms.

    Ptcheeeeww. Ptcheeeewwww. It's the future!
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    Now, what about 2 of the Blackstar 40w 16ohm 1x10" cabs?

    The amp has 2 outs, any idea if each is the stated resistance, or if I use both do I need to half the load? I.e if I got 2 of these speaker cabs would the load be 8 ohm or should the amp be set to 16?

    Head hurts
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    It's not going to be actual stereo though. You'll have two speakers in either serial or parallel, but they both get the same signal and the 60W is shared between them. Assuming you put in matched speakers - or ones with the same impedance anyhow - you'll be getting 30W, more or less, in each speaker. A pair of G12H greenbacks might be what you want ([url=http://www.legendarytones.com/celestiong12m.html]review here[/url]). The Vintage 30s do have the reputation of sounding dark, as you say, and being 60 watt speakers they'd be under driven, which wouldn't help.

    I was checking around on Impact heads though, and there's two very different types. The original Impact 60 branded by Pan Instruments has 4 EL34s running very hot, and probably gets the full 60W if not more. Probably chews up the valves too. The later "Impact by Status" is a Sound City design inside, pushing closer to 50W. Which do you think your is?

    Bottom line, Anto, I reckon your best thing would be to buy either an empty cab or a cheap used one, and try to figure out what speakers are going to work with your amp. Seeing as you've gone to the trouble and expense of getting a hand-wired vintage amp, you may as well go the whole hog and make sure you get the best out of it.

    Post a couple of pics of your amp, if you can. Gutshots would help to pin down what kind of animal we're talking about. If it turns out to be the original Pan Instruments then it may produce 60W clean and 80 or more driven, which would be a bit much for 2xG12H.
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    Two 16ohm cabs run in parallel gives 8ohm load. This is a common source of confusion e.g. two 16ohm cabs with a Tiny Terror should be plugged in the 8ohm sockets. Don't get too hung up on the wattage thing, btw. A 50watt amp will be more than happy with a 160watt cab. With amps driven hard you are much better off with an overspec cab. Reduces the risk of melting voice coils.
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    Wow 2 entirely opposing views there.

    I do like my head room, and the clean tone of the amp is important to me.

    My amp is the original Impact 60w not the status, although as Tony Hamilton told me when he serviced it the transformer has been replaced with a Partridge at one point and it runs a slightly lower plate voltage over the valves.

    Pics and discussion on the amp here: http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=39384

    My query about ohmage also relates to the outputs from the amp. There is a single switch for the output 7.5/15.2 ohm, and 2 outputs labelled simply "Speakers"

    If it's set to 8 ohms is that 8ohms per output or 8 ohms from each output and/or both outputs. ie if I plug in a 8 ohm stereo cab with a lead from each output, is that right, or is the required resistivity split between the outputs, if you follow me?

    Again "working out what speakers would suit" for my cab would happen in a fantasy world I don't inhabit, where I can walk into a shop and A/B indentical cabs with a huge range of differing speaker makes, models and configurations.
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    A quick look at the wiring of the switch & sockets should tell you. My guess would be that the sockets will be wired permanently in parallel and not affected by the switch.

    So if you plugged in two 16-ohm cabinets, the 8-ohm (nearly) setting would be the right one.
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    Theres a link to the schematics on this page., can't directly link as there's a SPACE in the URL!

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    Hi Anto,
    The guitarist in our band is a gear nut and has played through them all...Marshall, Peavey, Mesa Boogie and even a 4 x 12 Orange rig with us. However the best sound he has ever got is playing a not fancy, straight forward Crate Blue Voodoo head through a beautiful Engl 2 x 10 cab he has. That cab is an absolute star. In the absence of stock at the shops to try, he'd be very happy for you to check it out for a comparison.
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    [quote:86bd971501="tinpot anto"]Theres a link to the schematics on this page., can't directly link as there's a SPACE in the URL!

    [url]http://www.edgaraudio.se/tubes/impact/impact60b.htm[/url][/quote:86bd971501]Yes, as I suspected. The switch only selects the output transformer coils. The speaker sockets are permanently parallel, so it works with one speaker/cab of 8 or 16 ohms (with the appropriate switch setting) or two of 16 (8-ohm switch setting).

    EDIT: i.e. two 16-ohm cabs on the 8-ohm switch setting are good.
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    So 2 1x12" 16 ohm cabs would do the job set, with amp set at 8 ohms?

    See this option makes the 1x12 Orange cab an option too
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    Sorry Anto. I suppose I wasn't really considering what kind of tone you're after. I like to get a bit of break-up in all parts of the rig if I can, and I just kind of assume that's what everyone wants from a valve amp. I forget that there's Fender devotees out there as well.

    If the clean sound matters then you'd be as well to go for a higher rated cabinet. The Fender looks pretty good for the job, but you should take the offer to try that Engl and anything else you have the chance to hear. Also check around some of the shops that do 2nd-hand gear, see what they have. Baird's is worth a try (90351358), and Mary Flood's in Smithfield. And if you're in the Craigavon area, might as well try Ray McLeod in Lurgan (38321435).

    With the outputs you have, you can use any 2 16-ohm cabs, or a single 8- or 16-ohm. Two 16s in parallel gives you 8 ohms, so you can plug one into each socket and set the switch to 8 ohms.
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    [quote:3394807f4b="tinpot anto"] I got the head from McLeods in Lurgan, was sitting gathering dust in the corner. [/quote:3394807f4b]

    No fucking way! Wish I'd seen it first - what a result!

    I've heard Ray's spiel about the cubes before right enough. Says that's what he uses himself, mostly. He insists young fellas should buy any old cheap guitar and a decent amp. Fair enough, up to a point, but his definition of a decent amp is pretty well off beam in my reckoning.

    Now if I could use the "guitar doesn't matter" argument to get him to drop the price of that Rickenbacker...
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    That's been there for about 10 years at least.

    There was another amp in there when I got the Impact, a "Marmac" which is apparently a Sligo-built early 70s Orange clone. could be a lemon, or could be a cheap way to some serious noise, especially if you know your stuff!