1. avatar Deablomusic
    My first post!
    Hi Guys.
    I need a Drummer and guitarist to perform live with.
    I've been using session musicians of late and have decided that regulars who want to play and make music would be much better.
    Looking at a few gigs both here and on the mainland over the next few months.
    You need to be able to play the tracks off the current album as thats what i'm pushing but new music is key also.
    If your interested let me know.


  2. avatar Chrisvito
  3. avatar Chrisvito
    Hey there how's it going im chris drummer been playing 9 years ... I am up for any thing really FUlly comitted and I am also a promoter so i know a good bit of ppl round belfast ... I have all fully pro gear ... I am from larne i can get in to belfast no probs tho ...

    Email: gunsn@hotmail.co.uk

    Number :

  4. avatar Deablomusic
    There has got to be some guy who can play the AXE around!!
    Is there a Jimmi Hendrix waiting in the wing about to reply to this topic???
    Is the next Slash about to reply!!
    would be handy!