1. avatar the-boneyard
    My first post!
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    The fuckin VNECKS whaaaaaa?!?
  3. avatar basileh
    just back from Japan. they never stop tourin thon and it seems like they forget their loyal local fanbase. I mean 2 gigs in 3-4 years. f**k sake
  4. avatar the-boneyard
    99 Miles of Bad Road's first recording is now available to listen to on their myspace and also on The BoneYards!!

  5. avatar basileh
    very good. better than I expected. good oul anselmo aspect to the vox and some funky rhythm.
  6. avatar Arcane
  7. avatar Arcane
    Come one come all lets just all come!!
  8. avatar Valkaine Miki
    great lineup! Afraid i'll be at download, but still a little sad to miss it. Have fun!
    (ps, to everyone else, just go! you'll realise why when you get there.)
  9. avatar Sideswipe
    I used to run a night called The Boneyard in The Menagerie about 5 years ago. It only lasted a few months though.
    Best of luck.
  10. avatar ritewell
    Can't wait for this!
  11. avatar NiyahSky
    My first post!
    We're all really looking forward to this, it'll be our first show in 6 months and we've got a load of new songs to play!

    There's a newly released recording of one of our older tracks 'Ray Finkel' available to listen to at [u:ed2f359ea7]http://www.myspace.com/niyahsky[/u:ed2f359ea7]

  12. avatar Arcane
    Awesome song!!
  13. avatar Arcane
    Eveybody should come to this, Great line up there!!!
  14. avatar Valkaine Miki
    my mistake, its the limelight on the 12th that i'll be missing.
    Going to this, and going to enjoy it!