1. avatar RedReturned
    In Need of a 3rd Band (Opening Act) for Wednesday night in Ma Nelsons?

    Any bands available?

    Bands playing that night are:

    Red Returned
    The Hubris (Headlining)

    Please mail me here if interested.

  2. avatar EWCraig
    Where is ma nelsons?
  3. avatar RedReturned
    On the Lisburn Road.
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    This is still available.

    All you gotta do is turn up and play, all amps are provided (just bring drum breakables).

    The only snag is that you don't get paid. But feck that, that's not why we play this game, is it?

    PM me or reply here if interested. Ideally guitar music with some bollocks about it.
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    OK, it's filled, ta.