1. avatar fletch_belfast
    I just wanted to double check this incase I turn up and look (even more) like a cock (than usual).

    When ticketmaster says u must pick up ur tickets from the 'box office' at the venue, I take it that this box office or whatever it is at Mandela, is open at night, like just before the gig...? And u don't have to collect ur tickets during the day or something silly like that? Just don't want to turn up on gig night looking my tickets and the ticket window (or whatever it is) turns out to be only open during the day. That would be embarassing.

    Also, is there ANY seats at these gigs for fat lazy people to sit on?
  2. avatar the_doctor199
    Mandela has a list at the door usually, bring your confirmation email and ID and they should have your name on the list.

    There's some seats upstairs on the balcony, not that many though.
  3. avatar Desus
    All you need to bring is the reference number to the door on the night of the gig, and there is a list of box office collections.

    There is limited unreserved bench style seating on the balcony. You'd need to be there right on doors opening if you wanted to try and get one.