1. avatar Nomad666
    Need PC repairs? or Consultation on possible pc upgrades?

    My name is Ryan and i've been working as in IT Technician for over 3 years. I do PC repairs, upgrades, builds, consultations and even services such as website designing and PC/Web training all at very competitive prices.

    PC repairs include virus removal, hardware repair, software installation. I also build PCs from scratch to your specification or spec one for you myself for any budget range (includes aftercare such as software installation and pc repairs for free)

    So if you need cheap fast and reliable repairs or PC builds call 07595482268 now!
  2. avatar reallybigmcc
    any use with laptops?
  3. avatar Nomad666
    depends, if its software related then yeah np but if its the hardware its usually harder to repair
  4. avatar Nomad666
    bumpity bump
  5. avatar munchies
    I'm having trouble with my graphics card, reckon you could have a look at it? Basically it crashes when I run anything graphically demanding for any length of time. It used to blue screen but now the game just freezes and I have to ctr-alt-delete and kill it. I imagine its overheating but i'm not sure how to fix that. I hope its just overheating and its not fucked.