1. avatar omercymercyme
    Do you have the groove of Steve Gadd, the power of John Bonham and the finesse of Vinnie Colaiuta? No? Ah well...

    Seriously though, we are looking for a competent drummer with a good, deep pocket and some nice tools in the box. Someone who's committed to moving forward with us, cranking up gigs and developing new material. Someone who really enjoys their music, working hard and getting their chops out as we play some fairly meaty tunes across a range of styles.

    We have gigs lined up in June and August and we can and will quickly build on these once the right person is onboard.

    Own gear, transport etc. Someone not stretching themselves across a couple of bands would also be nice to avoid practice and gig conflicts.
    Ideally, you would need to be available for weekly rehearsals in East Belfast on Monday evenings as this is our normal rehearsal night.

    Please feel free to call me on 07866 500510 for a chat or pm me.