1. avatar tinpot anto
    Due to cancellations and other stuff (TPO included having to pull out) this gig is in need of 2 good bands.

    The show is an [b:b8248950ad]all ages[/b:b8248950ad] gig in the Oh Yeah Centre, on Saturday 5th June, from [b:b8248950ad]3pm to 6pm[/b:b8248950ad] so you'd even have time to play an evening gig after and get your dinner!

    All proceeds will go to the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice.

    Thinking of a Rock/Punk/Metal vibe for the bands, but anything considered.

    PM me here, or email anto@tinpotoperation.com if interested/available

  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Cheers guys!

    Amazing response so far, I've passed the details onto the organisers and we'll get back soon as!
  3. avatar tinpot anto
  4. avatar KrePerTroN
    Hey man dunno if anyone has got back to you yet but death of a salesman and 100% up for it! do we need to bring any gear or should i email the other bands to sort that out?

    Cheers Aidan
  5. avatar KrePerTroN
    also forgot to say i can supply a full PA or whatever is needed. ill pm my number to you and give me a shout sure and we can sort out what i need to bring!