1. avatar mindymoomoo
    My first post!

    :D I am a twenty something female in the antrim area looking to join a band.

    I am a mid range singer though i can push myself when needs be, i play a little guitar and can write songs. I generally just play by myself and cover songs and upload on youtube but have throughly bored myself stupid and am now looking to do something different.

    I like all types of music (except dance) ranging from dixie chicks/kate voegele/sheryl crow to foo fighters/nirvana/paramore.

    If you wanna check me out go to http://www.youtube.com/user/mindymoomoo100 or http://www.myspace.com/amandamurdock100

    would be open to all types of bands, just get in contact!

    Cheers :D

  2. avatar arjenswinkles
    pmd you there!!!
  3. avatar mindymoomoo
  4. avatar mindymoomoo
    No takers lol...jeez I must suck ;)
  5. avatar sailorbill
    Wow u have a really beautiful voice! I wont be around this summer but if u r still looking for people in September, i would be well up for it. Have been wanting to work with a female vocalist again.
  6. avatar mindymoomoo
    Well if no one takes me it's a possibility I may still be looking in September :)
  7. avatar mindymoomoo
    Will travel half an hour either side of Antrim to rehearse :)
  8. avatar mindymoomoo
  9. avatar mindymoomoo
  10. avatar Peter D
    My first post!
    Hey hey, just checked out your myspace, FANTASTIC voice, il pm you with more details.
  11. avatar ajarchibald
    hey you have an awsum voice we have a band but we fired are singer due to him not pullin his weight and not being passionate in singin. is coleraine too far for you? we re a rock band who wants to rock out with a gd frontperson who has singin ability which you got and gd stage performance we have orginals and sum covers plz pm if your interested! we re serious about making music and giggin everywhere we can get! lol
  12. avatar anty2
    ill put guitar/bass to stuff.......lets form a band here
  13. avatar museician
    hi im a guitarist and i know a drummer , not sure if you'd b into the same sort of genre do you like grunge like nirvana/ alice in chains or metal esque sounding bands?