1. avatar T Entertainment
    My apologies, sadly the first report was correct. Dio has died, one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time and by all accounts an absolute gent.

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  2. avatar markusblaqk
    EDIT: sorry, RIP.
  3. avatar markusblaqk
    sorry about the confusion, he died today, according to his website.

    it was reported yesterday, THAT was the rumor.

    sorry again.
  4. avatar The Fires of Hell
    What a total, total star.

    He absolutely kicked the living daylights out of bands a third of his age.

    Amazing man. RIP.
  5. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    amazing vocalist & showman.
  6. avatar That Man Fanjo
    It's gonna be [i:a0bdb9ab2e]Long Live Rock'n'Roll[/i:a0bdb9ab2e] for the rest of the evening.

    One of the absolute, total, undeniable greats.
  7. avatar salfhal
    RIP, absolute gent he was.
  8. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    It's very sad news. A real vocal master, with an iconic tone. Pity he couldn't beat it, but by f*ck, he led a full life! RIP you legend.
  9. avatar unleashedjohn
    Such a sad day. A true legend and gentleman. Has left a feast of classic recordings for us to enjoy.

  10. avatar atomike
    R.I.P. the original 'nicest man in rock'. Never heard a bad word said about Dio. True talent. I'm sure he's laughing it up in Hades on a large spikey throne.
  11. avatar omercymercyme
    Such a sad day. One of the most wonderful and iconic voices in Rock. I saw him live twice, most recently at The Spring and Airbrake in 2005 - One of the greatest gigs I've ever seen. That voice never deserted him and he was someone who helped to provide the soundtrack to my life from teens and musically formative years through to now. God Bless, Ronnie.

    Something's calling me back
    There's a light in the black
    Am I ready to go
    I'm coming home
  12. avatar markrock
  13. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    fuck...i was hoping hed get well soon...RIP
  14. avatar Sadoldgit
    Dio era Rainbow will forever remind me of being a teenager, with endless warm summers .

    The man was a phenomenon.
  15. avatar shiniru
    what a sad sad loss, the man was brilliant, and shall be sorely missed :'(
  16. avatar BOOZEHOUND
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  17. avatar bigguskeefus
    I dunno if you guys know but Facebook have launched a campaign similar to that which got RATM to number one at christmas to try and get Holy Diver to number one to raise cash for cancer research.. just thought i'd say
  18. avatar unplugged
    gd job if thats true. better than fat ballicks cowell getting it all.