1. avatar markrock
    Hi does anyone no a girl blues/rock group in warrenpoint i forgot the bands name cheers
  2. avatar Amz

  3. avatar markrock
    nope not wookalily
  4. avatar markrock
    warrenpoint or that general area
  5. avatar artyfufkin
    Grainne Duffy has played in the Poiint a few times?
  6. avatar markrock
    nope not her either
  7. avatar confetti
    do they covers? I was at a bikers do about 2 years ago and there was a 3 piece girl band there from newry I think, trying desperately to remember their name, but they only sang covers, rolling stones, cream etc
  8. avatar markrock
    i think they might do covers the girls where in their early 20,s
  9. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Worst. Internet. Stalker. Ever.
  10. avatar markrock
    no i saw them live and we were to contact them on doing some gigs with them i cant remember their band name
  11. avatar Wookalily
    Probably paddy headlock or hot rox from co. armagh. I play in Wookalily but know the girls in hotrox very well.