1. avatar sirstrumalot
    Hi there! Does anyone know of any half decent rehearsal rooms in the Greater Belfast area? We're keen to get rockin asap!

  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    Should be some threads with details, try doing a search on the forums.
  3. avatar Amz
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    Vic has moved from just past Carryduff to behind the Limelight.

    Earthmusic/Audio Ill.
  5. avatar russell
    [url=http://www.resonate-studio.com/]Resonate[/url] is in Newtownabbey - about 15 minutes north of Belfast city centre. No-one's been disappointed with the rehearsal facilities yet :) I can record your rehearsals too, a few bands have used these recordings on their MySpace pages too.

  6. avatar The Stav
    I have a fully equipped rehearsal studio in the centre of town.

    Pictures and info here:


    Send me a message or ring me on 07756238660 if you're interested.


  7. avatar tenrabbits
    Black Swan is 5 mins from Laverys - it's the best rehearsal studio I've been
    in! Dave even provides drum hardware.
  8. avatar penthouserehersal
    This studio is not only well equipped, it also has on of the best internal soundscapes too. :D