1. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Intermediate guitar player 26 from belfast, sing a bit also. Influences are oasis,stones,beatles,stone roses,hendrix, the doors,sex pistols,dylan,neil young,bob marley,chilli peps,pink floyd,led zep, all the classics really. Aint into the whole studenty art music thing or dressin in black all the time. Lookin to join a band or meet up for a jam with like minded ppl. Gis a wee shout cheers.
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    PM sent to you.

  3. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Bumpity bump!!!!
  4. avatar SUPERNOVA
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  6. avatar noel-gallagher
    My first post!
    hey.... just read yar post.... i play guitar as well... exact same influences.. ya only learn from the best... i have ma own material and own transport... im 22 with 5 years of guitar experience.... give me a shout if yar interested in formin a band or jammin ... cheers mate

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    Here was me thinking I was gonna be pleasantry suprised:(
  9. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Any John Bonhams or Kieth Moons out there!!!! lol