1. avatar Nathaniel
    looking a cheap loop station, anyone any suggestions?
  2. avatar Chuffola
    I have an RC-20 on evilbay at the minute. How cheap are you looking?
  3. avatar Nathaniel
    im not really sure to be honest. i know the wee single pedals go for cheaper but im not sure how much they differ from the doubles??
  4. avatar conor3000
    Hi ya

    Theres a Akai Headrush up on Gumtree, see yesterday's posts. was 70 quid or so.I used to have a headrush and was great. TK tunstall made it famous with that Cherry tree song. They have a shorter memory , i think 30 seconds or so. It's a great one to get you started.

    I've got a digitech Jamman now, it's pretty good because it has a huge memory. It can take a 4GB memory card.

    THe Boss type has the bonus of a "quantize" function that corrects your looped phase in sync with it's drum machine so everything works out. It's for people who really use it in their performances - check out Ruby Colley, local artist who is a total master of this stuff. The Digitech Jamman mightn't be as good on stage, I use it more as a songwriting tool. I beleive you can get the used BOSS RC XL for around 180, the used Jamman might be 160 or so.
  5. avatar Chuffola
  6. avatar johnsmith5082
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