1. avatar iamandrew
    My first post!
    So, who all's planning on heading to forfey festival this year? 6-8th August.
    The past few years have been excellent and i'm really looking forward to it this year.

    The line-up looks pretty sweet so far, and i think theres more to be announced as well.

    Adebisi Shank
    Axis Of
    Bad Operator
    Captain Cameron
    Clown Parlour
    Feet For Wings
    Gareth Dunlop
    Iain Archer
    Katie & The Carnival
    La Faro
    Laura Hunter
    Lowly Knights
    Maguire & I
    Not Squares
    Rams Pocket Radio
    Six Star Hotel
    Strait Laces
    Inertia @WHQ
    Urban Tramper

    Tickets are available at www.forfeyfestival.co.uk
    and you can also apply to be staff there.
  2. avatar kieranx1
    hey man. we would love to play at this event, if there are any spots left. check out our facebook. it has our first ep on it and a few videos. also our first single A life in colour is on NI charts this week.
    the mda.
  3. avatar Nocarsgo
    Just heard that the Coaches to Concert bus has been cancelled: anyone know the best way of getting to Forfey from Belfast via public transport?