1. avatar omercymercyme
    What's the proper channel for getting your gig posted on this site? I've enquired by e-mail to ATL but received no reply. Does anybody have a contact or know a fax number etc? Thanks.
  2. avatar Deadlights
    Hey man, ive done it a couple of times by just using atl@bbc.co.uk

    note: get it in early before the gig, i think you just get auto replys back, but they usally get posted either way

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  3. avatar Desus
    That's the address I've been using for years
  4. avatar omercymercyme
    Cheers guys. I did try that e-mail, but I'll give it another go!
  5. avatar tt21710
    My first post!
    I know what you mean exactly. I've sent our gig dates to that address several times, but they never get posted. Let me know if you have any success.