1. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    anyone know of any amp techs in portadown??

  2. avatar sloppyjoe
    Don't know anyone in Portadown, but Ray McLeod in Lurgan might be able to hook you up to someone. What have you got?
  3. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    its an old peavey encore 65, i had 2 of them last year lol

    this ones been sitin in the attic for a while, its got a loud hum and pops alot now
  4. avatar brassneck
    Not sure about the guy in lurgan, but Dennis Curry lives in Portadown and he's one of the best guitar tech's around, does work for Bairds in Belfast. Give him a ring on 028 3833 5666, if he can't do it then he'll sure know someone who can. His prices are more than reasonable and he's a great guy.
  5. avatar sloppyjoe
    Sounds like filter caps. You might notice the big capacitor can is hot to the touch.

    [EDIT] Deleted the DIY bit. Best not to try this at home.