1. avatar Deevolution
    Laverys Bunker 23rd May... Electric Red need another band to complete the line-up for the night.

    you can contact us and check us out at: [url=http://www.myspace.com/electricredband]www.myspace.com/electricredband[/url]

    backline provided.

    [i:84663fdfbe]"Electric Red trade in the kind of post stoner/post hardcore style metal that Taint have made their own. I can also detect a healthy nod towards bands such as Mastodon, Baroness and Torche as well as those flag bearers of the early 90s NYC sound Helmet and Quicksand." [/i:84663fdfbe]- [b:84663fdfbe]thesleepingshamen.com[/b:84663fdfbe]
  2. avatar SeptX
    P.M'd my friend.
  3. avatar markrock
    check skarrd out on myspace they might be up for the gig cheers markg
  4. avatar Chrisvito
    Skarrd : Played at my gig on the 25th april .. Must say thay rocked the place ..

  5. avatar CabboPearimo
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/skeptictunes/]Skeptic[/url] would like to toss their hat in. Click on the link for some examples.

    Also, if the description of you guys was accurate, then we'd love to hear you.
  6. avatar markrock
    what about skarrd not good enough eh!