1. avatar EWCraig
    Check out our soon to be released EP tasters on Last.fm!

    We'll have two full songs on our myspace one week after the launch!
    Launch date TBC!



    Proving Co.Derrys music isn't completely shite since 2005.

  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I'm assuming your band isn't called "Exit Wound (NI)"? Then don't call it that on LastFM.
  3. avatar EWCraig
    It wasn't me that made the page and theres already a few Exit wound pages floating about.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Then you suck it up and accept you've not got an original name. No-one will tag your music as Exit Wound (NI) so you'll never have people registering as listeners or scrobbles, which means you'll not fit into lastfm's system correctly and will get no benefits from it whatsoever.
  5. avatar EWCraig
    Apologies dear friend. As far as i know the other Exit Wound was unsigned and are now split up.
  6. avatar hetfieldaaaah
    Metal as fuck.
    Like it guys.

    Jordan Magee.
  7. avatar EWCraig
    Cheers matey, appreciate it!
  8. avatar Bileofwood
    I was looking forward to hearing this, sounds immense, really immense, guys you done good.

    Far too much talent and so young (coming form a 'codger' that is a big compliment). All four of you, really. Love it.
  9. avatar EWCraig
    Thanks alot! Means alot! We got pissed listening to the hubris's old CD saturday passed! Can't wait to hear the new stuff!

    Exit Wound Loves you guys!
  10. avatar Nomad666
    Fucking craig! legend :D havnt heard the band in ages lad but you lads have come a long way :P Keep er lit, im coming to see youns in the inn in july :P

    (btw its Ryan who played for incarnate)
  11. avatar EWCraig
    Thanks dude, good times we're had back in the day! I love you!