1. avatar billygibbonsbeard
    My first post!
    I am open to offers for a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 Watt head and a 1960a 4/12 cabinet. Both are in excellent condition and have hardly been gigged. My band broke up shortly after acquiring them and haven't played in a band since.

    I am willing to listen to separate offers or as a package. I would be willing to lower the price if they were sold as a package.

    Looking for a quick sale to go towards trvalling funds so gimme some offers please!
  2. avatar Bileofwood
  3. avatar Chris Madden
    yeah would be interested how much?
  4. avatar billygibbonsbeard
  5. avatar ashu123
    hey m8,
    how much do you want for the cab? i can pick up over the weekend.

  6. avatar Chris Madden
    how much for the head?
  7. avatar billygibbonsbeard