1. avatar AP-Belfast
    Hey basically I need a drinking partner before hand as I've never missed a gig but just screwed for someone to have a few wit befor hand etc! Female or male get in touch would love to hear from ya's 07946511704
  2. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    What will we talk about after I tell you my favourite album and you tell me yours?
  3. avatar fletch_belfast
    Yeah, sounds pretty awkward.

    There is no shame in drinking alone. That's what I shall be doing before the show. :090:
  4. avatar fletch_belfast
    Oh, I'll add this:

  5. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    George is a legend.

    'If You Don't start drinking, I'm gonna leave', is an absolutely cracking song too.

    See, Indie bed-wetters??
    Music [i:74956efb6d]can[/i:74956efb6d] be fun!