1. avatar SimonC
    Looking for a pedal board / flight case at least 24" wide ...
  2. avatar tenrabbits
    I have a pedal train pro I don't use anymore. It's in great condition, and
    already has the velcro on it (which saves a bob or too). It comes with a gig
    bag, but not a hard case.

    If you're interested let me know - I was going to stick it up on here this
    week anyway!
  3. avatar dave_b
    I've a home made board that's 30" long, I made another smaller one as it was too big! Wooden, no case, angled, 3-slats (like a pedaltrain), painted black and with soft velcro. Will comfortably take 16 stone standing in the middle ;)
  4. avatar SimonC
    Cheers Dave - but I'm looking for something that is cased/bagged at least.
  5. avatar SimonC