1. avatar Lunar
    Hey y'all :)

    Names Aaron I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Belfast. I've got all the members lined up for this new band bar the drummer, my brother (lead guitarist) and friend (bassist). Neither of them sing so I'm hoping to find a drummer out there with immense beating skills (no pun intended) and a good set of pipes on him too so we can make the demons from hell turn into butterflies with our harmonies (or at least try).

    Influences would include; Biffy Clyro, Yellowcard, Brand New, Muse, Fighting With Wire, Fact, Modest Mouse.

    We're still in the jamming stages and still writing, so if you wish to scribe some music onto walls like cavemen in the nude, feel free to join us. :)

    The sooner we find you the better so we can get into the practice room and get working on the songs, get a set together and get gigging!


    - Aaron
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    I like Bumper Cars