1. avatar rinky
  2. avatar Warren Drugs
    Joe Greene's venereal tenterhooks now almost at breaking point.
  3. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Are there likely to be tickets available at the door? and/or a shop where you can buy them?
  4. avatar rinky
    Door should be grand.
  5. avatar blonderedhead
  6. avatar rinky
  7. avatar blonderedhead
    Alright, I'll try use my powers of persuasion then.

    Do you have any rough stage times? Like will it be an early/late gig?
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    like 11.15 and midnight for the bands
  9. avatar rinky
    Yestify! 8: Four Years In The Boovious Rile

    50 tracks from the early days of Yestrum to celebrate our 4th birthday
  10. avatar the dirty weed

  11. avatar goatboy
    Yibes and Dilda. Yibes and Dilda. Or worse.