1. avatar smithers102

    VOTE BOY!! =D =D =D
  2. avatar RadioWolf
    Done (Y)
  3. avatar smithers102
    yay =D =D =D
  4. avatar 666Arcane
    Yeah totally worthy of a place on the bill vote sent lads, AfroBear out
  5. avatar Rosshunter
  6. avatar Major Disaster
    Don't vote for Acadian
  7. avatar abandcalledboy
    haha, cheers people!
  8. avatar declanmcbride
    VOTE B.O.Y.!

    If you lose you could form a coalition with another losing band and play half a set each!
  9. avatar jonny is an ambulance
  10. avatar abandcalledboy
    haha it would be a weird coalition!,
    but so is the one we've been left with in Downing street...

    Cheers to everyone whos been voting!