1. avatar flightstrip
    Who wants a Lister and Co upright piano?Been sat in my studio for a few years.will need tuned.ballymena area.
    (contribution of beer,spirits or other nice things welcome)
  2. avatar Chris Madden
    is it really free, whats wrong with it?
  3. avatar RUDEBOY
    I'll take this! pm'ed you
  4. avatar anty2
    if this isnt taken I want this
  5. avatar flightstrip
    wots wrong with it?cheeky monkey!lol.just needs tuned,though last time i had it tuned couldnt quite get to concert pitch so went a semi tone lower.russell at resonate has first digs on this if he can get wheels but if not first come first served.

    (my interwebbynet is highly unreliable so best ring me on 07894645881.dont forget me reebs!)
  6. avatar flightstrip
    pianos away to a good home.stop PMing me asking about a 6 inch pianist,:031: