1. avatar kagura
    Evening Folks,

    Just a quick note to say that since we've changed our name from 'Kagura' to 'PHOENIX FIRE', we've appropriately ditched our old Myspace page and moved over to the page below:


    Apologies if this is old news to some, but we tend to get most of our correspondences through Myspace and wanted to cover all our bases incase somebody gets left out of the loop.


  2. avatar RadioWolf
    Nice one!
    Are they new songs on the myspace?
  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    I never managed to get round to hearing Kagura play live, even though I'd heard good things about the band. But I was at 'Gifted' last Thursday, and Phoenix Fire were my favourite act of the night.

    (I say that even having friends in two of the other bands!)
  4. avatar kagura
    Thanks very much for the kind words, it was brilliant to get such a good response as the opening band. We know it's difficult to be there early sometimes, so thanks for coming down! We had a great time.

    At the moment it's just songs off our last release (The Last Awake EP), but we're aiming for some studio time around June / July, so there'll be some new material then.

    Thanks again.