1. avatar Bileofwood
    Playing next Weds (19th May) at the Secret gig @ Ma Nelsons (otherwise known as the Salty Sockpocket) is:

    The Hubris
    Red Returned
    Blindly Ever Forward

    Free to get in, and if you stand close enough to the action I can pretty much guarantee you'll go home stinking of me.

    It's a medley of melodies, a sonic onslaught, it's three punk ass mofo bands dipping their salty ends into the pristine waters of studentside Belfast.

    Oh, and it's a secret. shhhhhh.
  2. avatar RedReturned
    LOL! I'll be there! HAHA! :P
  3. avatar Bileofwood
    That was really good fun tonight, thanks to Scott, Aaron, Red Returned and A.W.S.T.L.T.G?