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    [quote:1efcbe246a="savoy truffle"]SPLASH?


    Haha. Email siwftly sent to Ticketmaster to correct that mistake!
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  7. avatar ilovelamp
    Who's support? if it's local I'd say Bandwagon or Dead Presidents could be good.
  8. avatar deadpresidents
    I'd gnaw off my own nuts to land that support
  9. avatar s_d_d
    My first post!
    AHH why over 18. FML
  10. avatar Desus
    Here's the actual ticket link http://www.ticketmaster.ie/event/180044AA91D0261A?artistid=771959&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1

    Or alternatively you can buy them at Queens Students Union without the booking fee.
  11. avatar RM
    Looks like this show will sell out today at some point.
    Hurry Hurry now !
  12. avatar ginxed
    tickets have been purchased, cannot wait for this!!!

    Going to be great to see Myles Kennedy live, have seen Slash live before and he was every bit as awesome as you would expect.
  13. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    [i:89f8e516ea]Slash has been ranked #2 on Time Magazine's list of the "10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All-Time".[/i:89f8e516ea]


    Some people's ears must be painted on.
  14. avatar Danny Lynch
    anybody got stage times?
  15. avatar alternative192
    Anyone know whos supporting?
  16. avatar miss-jesi
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/thevirginmarys]THE VIRGINMARYS[/url] are supporting :]
  17. avatar bonrosie
    No word yet on stage times? Anyone?
  18. avatar Hirishnu
    Any one got a spare ticket to this or cant go.....pushing my luck here but ye dont ask...
  19. avatar That Man Fanjo
    In the same position meself....
    Tickets appear to be as rare as rocking-horse shite. And the word is that the scalpers outside QUB are selling tickets at £100 a pop.
  20. avatar Biff
  21. avatar Danny Lynch
    I'll admit I did think that about the tuning for a split second, but then I wasnt sure. At times at the very back the sound was a bit muddy, bass and drum heavy, Myles was a bit lost and Slash only really cut through in certain sections, some of the solos were lost a bit.

    I thought the Virgin Marys were fantastic. really great sound. Met their manager as I bought their CD, really nice guy.

    Overall, it was an excellent gig.

    review up on the ATL website...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/review_specific342456.shtml
  22. avatar theouroboros
    i thought it was slightly out at Glasto on that tune!
  23. avatar ericno7
    Shameless plug to Danny :D

    The Virginmarys
    The Diamond Rock Club
    Saturday 18th September

    Tickets available from www.wegottickets.com

    We've had this gig booked since March, when I saw them supporting Gun in Edinburgh.
    It was suppossed to be their first ever Irish show, but that was before they were oferred the Slash UK tour last Sunday.
  24. avatar Biff
    can we notget the Virgin MArys to Derry?
  25. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    He's [i:3073489abb]always[/i:3073489abb] sounded slightly out of tune to me.
    He's just, well, [i:3073489abb]not that good[/i:3073489abb], really.

    Is he still wearing that fucking stupid rubber top-hat?
  26. avatar stevieo
    I couldnt hear him at the gig even with my fingers in my ears. TURN THEM UP. Why is he not that good? When you think of the millions of guitar players across the globe who practice and strive to be the best they can be, how many are totally connected with themselves musically, and go against the grain to be unique, and become icons by resisting the urge to be Van Halen. If you are hooked on both heroin and Jack Daniels yet still get session work off Michael Jackson you truly have a voice.
  27. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    [i:5caf7c3bf4]If you are hooked on both heroin and Jack Daniels yet still get session work off Michael Jackson you truly have a voice.[/i:5caf7c3bf4]

    You forgot to mention full-fat Marlboros as well.In what way is that [i:5caf7c3bf4]going against the grain[/i:5caf7c3bf4]?
    Surely that's rock'n'roll bullshit cliche right there?
    To me he always sounded deeply average.Any live footage I've seen of him is error-strewn and ploddingly predictable as any 'oul guitar shop noodler.You do know that Van Halen played guitar on Beat It?
    Anyway, neither of them'll be getting anymore work from MJ.
  28. avatar stevieo
    Of course I know about beat it and Van Halen was perfect for the job but every LA rock guitar player in the 80s tried to emulate Van Halen or better him whereas Slash opted to develop his own voice in that period. The point I make is that (to me anyway) he has a totally unique sound. Surely thats what we as musical artists are striving for. A huge amount of guitarists who want to learn how to solo can receive a masterclass on the prebend by learning some Slash licks not to mention a legacy of rock and blues playing. Maybe this is the perdictable element but all these players build on what went on before. A lot of guitarists (especially the technical ones) could benefit hugely from Slash, SRV, Albert King etc. The point I was making about the heroin and the whisky is that I personally couldnt get out of bed with a habit like that let alone go to a studio or a stage.
  29. avatar stevieo
    Muddy Waters is as error strewn as you can get but he's stilla blues legend. I suppose it's about geting the balance right.
  30. avatar whipchorus
    Two words to this thread - Izzy Stradlin.
  31. avatar Biff
    Izzy is an absolute legend and perhaps the key member of GnR.

    He wrote all the best tunes.

    I read an online article recently which basically gave all the credit to Slash's brill sounding Appetite solos to Izzy's chord changes.