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    My first post!
    Rehearsal space is available in an art space off Parnell Square, Dublin City Centre.

    Purpose built large shared rehearsal room with PA. Secure storage, 24/7 access. Kitchen, fast WiFi. Rehearsals can start as early and go on as late as required. Only one rehearsal room in the building so no leaks from other rooms!

    A state of the art recording studio (Envelope) is also located in the building with a 24 channel link to the rehearsal room. Some of the bands that have rehearsed here have have recordings made by the guys in the studio.

    The building contains artist studios (upstairs), home to animators, a documentary film maker, radio producer, visual artists, graphic designer etc. which creates great collaborative opportunities. A gallery/performance space (The Joy Gallery) is located on the ground floor.

    email: hello@redspace.cc for more info and viewings
    website: http://www.redspace.cc