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    Tied to Machines (www.myspace.com/tied2machines) are looking for an alt rock singer (age 18 to 25)!!! We've got heaps of material and experience and all we need is a singer to complete the line up so places will book us. Preferably a high range but at this stage we'll try ANYTHING as we're a live band and we want to gig! We practice in Banbridge.


    If you or anyone you know is interested let us know.

    No fecking timewasters please!!!!!!!
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    My first post!
    Hi there! I checked out your myspace and I thought it was great! I don't know if I'd be what you're looking for but I'll offer my services anyway! The only problem is that I'm based in Belfast and I see that you guys are Banbridge so :/ anyway if you wanna get in touch then ranoar@hotmail.co.uk
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    female 24 vocally...meh i think i'm ok. Mostly done acoustic stuff but boring myself senseless. Can send a badly recorded mp3 of my voice and yous can make up your own mind. Send me your email
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    Bump and check us on nichart.com. number three this week
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    bump ta fuk
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    seriously do singers exist?
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    My first post!
    you still looking for a singer?
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    pmd you