1. avatar Mr_torture
  2. avatar anty2
    interested in that jag bass, is it passive or active?

    also do you have any of the 335 styled guitars? blues king I think its called
  3. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey man its passive. And no dont have the blues king in stock but can be ordered.


  4. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    how much would the blues king be if it was ordered in?
  5. avatar Mr_torture
    Pm'd you both.
  6. avatar goonermonkey
    Do these included cases/gig bags? Price for the surf?
  7. avatar Mr_torture
    No cases but they come boxed. Sent you a pm with price.

  8. avatar Chuffola
    Why not put the price up here? Very secretive....
  9. avatar Stevie Mac
    Love the Jag bass, would defintely love it but don't have the cash right now. Is it one you could order in the future?
  10. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey Chuffola. If you would like to know any prices they are all on ebay through a different seller.

    Otherwise mail me for a price.


    Many thanks,

  11. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey stevie. Yea its a nice bass. These 3 guitars here are ex display. Had them instore for a few months, just picked them up to sell these remaining models privatley. Come in box with all tags etc still on them. 100% unmarked.

    Can be ordered again in the future man but not at the price here.

    Though could sort something out if its a soon enough sale.

    Many thanks..
  12. avatar Mr_torture
  13. avatar Stevie Mac
    Any chance we could knock out a payment plan for that bass? I'm a close-to-destitute temp who gets paid weekly but I'd give my right arm for that bass. Well that would kinda defeat the point, but you get my drift.

    Are you a dealer or a shop? I've an Epiphone Thunderbird that I'd consider for exchange if that would be up your alley.
  14. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey Stevie thanks for your offers but just trying to sell the guitars straight up themselves.

    it could be here for a while so start saving. ;o)

    And I distribute on behalf of the company.

    Though for these few guitars they are my sale price.