1. avatar Lorcan
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  2. avatar adi.feud
    this gig is [b:fbdf492de1]may 15th[/b:fbdf492de1]
  3. avatar salfhal
  4. avatar Lorcan
    Yes, 5 [i:6239c9db54]MILLION[/i:6239c9db54] pounds, 'cos it'll be that good ;)

    Apologies for the typos: my affiliation with Dark Horse promotions is as an errand monkey, and monkeys make mistakes! In spite of my computer illiteracy I've changed the mistakes.

    They don't play metal? Well the info. I posted was straight from their myspaces :S

    It should be a great night, regardless of genre. :D
  5. avatar ramserpent
    Tonight... really looking forward to this!!!


    Spiral Force