1. avatar theouroboros
    hey ho, just wondering if anyone is possibly selling a fender tele at the moment? i'm looking to do a bit of a home project on one, i'd consider standards, specials, japanese, mexican, whatever.

    i'm not looking to spend any more than about 400/450 and not looking for something that i'd have to do a heap of work on, i just have certain pickups in mind for it.

    send us a pm or email adam.mccausland@yahoo.co.uk
  2. avatar dave_b
  3. avatar Nathaniel
    hey lad if ur looking a neck for ur project, im selling sumthing u might be interested in


    its posted on fastfude to, so pm me if ur interest
  4. avatar theouroboros
    dave, yeah i'd been considering the squire route but i'd definitely rather go for the bigger brother. cheers

    nathaniel, not really my style, thanks anyway!
  5. avatar dave_b
    No sweat man, just some people dismiss squier's automatically because they're not fenders. They're cheap yeah, and not so nice to play, but it doesn't make then bad!

    Back on topic though, what are you thinking for the tele? I got a humbucker in the bridge and a P90 in the neck of mine, definitely a departure form a regular tele tone!
  6. avatar SimonC
  7. avatar theouroboros
    dave, a chum of mine was playing a squire in matchetts the other day and loved it, so you never know!

    i was thinking of a bareknuckle pile driver or sd hot rails on the bridge. not sure about the neck. i want to keep that tele twang but i play quite heavy stuff so want to add a good bit of extra beef!

    simon, aye i was planning a wee jaunt in there to see what's available. definitely another option!
  8. avatar SimonC
  9. avatar theouroboros
    see now that appeals to me quite a bit. i like the unbranded diy option. would quite like to do my own finish too.

    i'm actually selling a LP studio to get the tele!
  10. avatar Recycled Alien
    Call me a nasty suspicious bastard, but I wouldn't believe the "Tokai" story without evidence. The same thing was said about the unbranded models from the Guitar Emporium, and I had a Tele and still have a Jazz Bass. They are great value for money, but they are just generic Far Eastern instruments.

    (But if I was going to do a major project, I'd probably start with something like that anyway.)
  11. avatar unplugged
  12. avatar pmackey
    I have a mexican tele im lookin rid of. It has Lace Sensor t-100 and t-150 pickups, and a 3 saddle american bridge.
  13. avatar dave_b
  14. avatar theouroboros
    i'm spoilt for choice now! seems to be an abundance of teles at the moment!

    will keep you updated indeed!

    now, eeny meeny...