1. avatar kev
  2. avatar SimonC
    If you feel like a break from the World of Orange - I have a Marshall 1974X for sale. Not your usual Marshall tone ... this is a handwired 20W combo that is pure TONE!
  3. avatar kev
  4. avatar The Stav
    I have a 70s Orange combo I'm looking to sell, pics and info here:


    Send me a PM if you're interested!
  5. avatar SimonC
    Kev - TBH I'm not a Marshall fan but the 1974-X is a TOTALLY different beast. It's a very simple set-up - classic sounding with a beautiful valve driven tremolo. Both channels break up nicely (and differently). Here's a few clips from YouTube to give you a feel for it. Amp comes with the footswitch and also a padded Silverstone Amp Cover.

    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-g1hFZtBPc]PRO GUITAR SHOP REVIEW[/url]

    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGoLPgbDujQ&feature=related]GUITAR WORLD REVIEW[/url]
  6. avatar chrisjedijane
    Kev, why don't you just sell your Orange 4x12 and get one of the open-backed 2x12s? The PPC212OB is smaller than the other 2x12 - it's the same size as the combo and yo get to keep the nice 140W head...
  7. avatar kev
  8. avatar chrisjedijane
    Yeah, that's fair enough I guess. What combo are you thinking of?