1. avatar BleedingKansas
    Hi y'all,

    Just wondering if anyone has played on one of these? How do they sound? In terms of tone, how versatile are these wee treats??
  2. avatar SimonC
    Yep - I had one of these : an absolute gem of an amp. Great solid cleans and crunchy overdrive> Two channels : so very handy and a great built in reverb /effects loop - all you could want in an amp...and as loud as you'll ever need. Traded mine just last week to Crugel on here -who I believe is equally impressed with this little beast.
  3. avatar Cugel
    A gem it is. The amp comes fitted with a Made in England Celestion Heritage G12H Greenback speaker which is a big part of the sound. Drive channel is lovely and may see me disposing of some of my boutique distortion pedals. 5 watts is plenty.

  4. avatar Pablo33
    I have the 20W version, which is one of the best amps I've played - the Lionhearts are a fantastic range of amps, especially for the money.