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    We at [b:5b5b7056c6]SO:NI [/b:5b5b7056c6]can now offer our services in supplying any gear you may need, for any size of show. By bringing our sister companies under the SO:NI banner, we can offer the same reliability and attention to detail which has seen the SO:NI showcase gigs grow in stature over the past 5 years, and the experience of running & supplying for shows many years before that. Our prices will be very competitive - so for anything from the hire of 1 microphone, to the entire set-up and crew for a large gig - give us a shout! Any enquiries - PM me on here, or email philpayola@hotmail.com or contact us at

    http://www.facebook.com - search Soni Live

    [b:5b5b7056c6]PA HIRE[/b:5b5b7056c6]

    Any size from 2 small speakers, to 40K rig - including top of the range Mackie gear.
    Soundmen & crew available for all sizes of show.
    Transport supplied.
    Digital and analogue desks and processing.


    Top quailty backline for all bands' needs. Marshall/Ampeg/Vox/Fender/Trace Eliot/Ashdown guitar & bass amps. Yamaha drum kit.


    Any size of lighting rig up to 20K, including trussing if required.

    [b:5b5b7056c6]OTHER SERVICES[/b:5b5b7056c6]

    Experienced stage manager / compere / event host.
    Pyrotechnics, with licensed operators. Smoke machines.
    CD mixers & Technic turntables for DJs.

    We will also be supplying rehearsal space & studio in the near future in association with Best Cellars.

    SO:NI will shortly be offering to take care of your band/act's Biography and Press Release needs.
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    We can now help your band/act with any biography/press release needs you may have - a very important component of any bands' "press pack" and presentation. Contact us as above.

    We can also supply an excellent photographer for any live, or photosession work - again, a crucial part of the package.