1. avatar TheShredguru
    Hey we are a band called 'A Symphony Of Stars' and we areinterested in recording a single..

    We would like to know prices and get the best possible price.

    Please pm me or reply leaving details.. Thanks - Carl.
  2. avatar anty2
    Einstein Studios, talk to frank(ie)
  3. avatar TheShredguru
  4. avatar flightstrip
  5. avatar anty2
    lets not forget his airwolf ties ;)
  6. avatar Bileofwood
    I've just got back from Frankie's, our EP is almost complete. If you wanna hear just how fabulous he can make a tune sound send me a PM with your email and I'll send you a couple of tracks.

    That goes for everyone that reads this, actually.

    Immense. The guy is a wizard on the knobs. I'm telling you now.
  7. avatar Richard
    What's Frankie's rates like per song?
  8. avatar TheShredguru
    yeah; that'ss what I would also quite like to know... :)
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    Depends how well rehearsed you are and how long the song will take. If you're tight I'd say a day for the song and mixing. Probably better to go in with a few songs rehearsed to f*ck and see how you go. Book 2 days. Not much sense in recording just one track. Unless it's an epic like Sleep or Pink Floyd.
  10. avatar Declan