1. avatar Garzo
    As above really. Got everything else instrument/personnel wise and a practice space with PA etc. You don't need to be female but it would be nice purely for the vocals, but if you're a guy and sound like a woman when you sing feel free. Own gear is a must, and ability to transport it yourself would be preferred. To be honest the tribute part is more for laughs than anything else and to get the chemistry going but there's quite a lot of original material (easily enough for a full set and more) to work through as well and we're hoping to gig with both ASAP for fun and profit. Original stuff would be probably classified as alternative rock. But fairly loud. Any questions you can let me know.
  2. avatar thedevilsreject
    Ok not female and dont sound female but i am a bassist and a pixies fan. Have my own gear and my own transport but i am wondering where you are based
  3. avatar Garzo
    Sorry I thought I had mentioned the we are based in Belfast, although we may now be short a drummer. Maybe. But I'm sure I can find one. So if anyone reading this happens to be a drummer...