1. avatar flightstrip
    am trying to build up my collection of speakers.im after decent quality speakers that u dont use anymore,like peavey,jbl,yamaha,etc etc.
    im interested in bass bins,tops,monitors etc ,powered or passive.
    must be sensibly priced (ie cheap!)
    also interested in lights etc

    PM me or give me a buzz on 07894645881 (o2 number)

    ta muchly;)
  2. avatar tobymac
    My first post!
    Hi,i have a pair of peavey st115 and a pair of carlsbro {very good sound out of this pair 300 watt each}
    peavey £120.00 ono and carlsbro £200.00 ono
  3. avatar flightstrip
    wouldnt be up for the carlsbros but maybe the peaveys.giz a wee buzz on 07894 645 881 (during sensible hours!its near 2am as i write this)and i could pop round for a peek