1. avatar flightstrip
    Big Einsteins Frankie has made me realise that lifes too fekkin short and i feel the need to get out there.ive a shitloada riff based songs (rocky,bluesy,funky punky,wotever!)pretty much completed,just need a rhythm section.its just for the fun of it,aint expecting to play friggin wembley,practice would be at my place just outside ballymena.gear can be left no worries and i have all the gear needed PA etc to gig with.i already play with a cover band so im only looking to do this now and again.im no spring chicken so bear that in mind.not looking for beginners.im no jimi hendrix and i like to keep the songs simple.i do however sing like a bitch!if u can put forward good ideas and ad lib that a bonus.its all very chilled and wotever.i dont do myspaces n all that crap,just turn up,have a jam,if u like it stay,if not no harm done.
    its all good!

  2. avatar BobbyBlast
    hey there your ad sounds good. i have jus started a band and we practise jus outside ballymena but we need a guitarist to make it sound better also a vocalist. our stuff is simple but effective i think and if you have your own material woulb be such a head start. interested ????????
  3. avatar flightstrip
    pm d u;)