1. avatar pastshouldstaydead

    i'm criss i'm from larne and i'm 16, but i don't go to school or anything so i'm free pretty much all the time..
    i sing, i scream, i play guitar and i drum a little.
    rediculous amount of influences so i'm not gonna list them all, but heres some
    dance gavin dance, emarosa, trivium, damien rice, early metallica, BFMV. stuff like that. Pretty heavy stuff. Some not so heavy.

    looking to get into something with alot of energy about it, good, energetic music.
    But please, and i mean this in the nicest possible way, if you are a band of 12 year olds that can barely play their instruments or anything similar, please don't contact me :)

    Anyway, i can be reached at c_man22@hotmail.co.uk