1. avatar kick out the jams
    trying to sort out a wee session for nvtv tomorrow but need a venue with a piano en location to film in.
    Has anyone got any suggestions of somewhere in Belfast city centre?
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Europa Hotel.
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Stormont Hotel also has one I believe.
  4. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Olio restaurant.
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'm sure shops will hire also if you have the means to transport to a venue. Maybe Queens Music Dept has a piano room? Or Blackstaff Studios?
  6. avatar fletch_belfast
    [quote:dc7049dc0f="Recycled Alien"]Europa Hotel.[/quote:dc7049dc0f]

    Really..? I purposely finished a pub crawl there late last year in the hope of playing/puking on the piano I thought they had, but there isn't one in their wee bar, is it in the lobby then..? I was quite fucked by that stage so maybe I missed it.
  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    It [b:dd37eee4a7]was[/b:dd37eee4a7] on the mezzanine above the lobby, but I can't remember how recently that was.
  8. avatar fletch_belfast
    [quote:3801d6cf8a="Recycled Alien"]mezzanine[/quote:3801d6cf8a]

    I had to google that one. It may well be there then, I assumed it was in the bar for the pissheads to play with. Must have a look next time I'm near it.
  9. avatar kick out the jams
    I got it all sorted in the end. Cheers for your help.
    We ended up doing the session in St Jude's Church on the Ormeau Road.
    A nice wee setting indeed for a session with the son of a bishop.